Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Epics

So I've started a few posts, but never posted them this past week.

In my free time (and un free time that I use to this end) I have been fiddling around with photoshop hoping to design a logo for a club at school that is looking for a new one. Well, I'm not a designer or an artist , But I am a photoshop fiddler. So I did a few designs and they were all fun and taught me alot about tricks and things I could do, but they werent right. which was fine, cause they were fun anyway. But, I needed a good one. SO i started looking online for suggestions and guidelines and tips na things on how to make a good logo. WELL I came across a LOT of logos. Here are a few of the bad ones, taken from a few sites, two of which being   and  a few from

Anyway, here are some of my, um, favorite(?) bad logos.

Okay, this one looks like somebody sneezed alot while they were designing it,and then was just like " oooh, well, its due soon, but 'How I Met Your Mother' is on, I'll just fix it later..."

... really? 

The intelligent thing to say would be "The white color really overshadows the green, thus negating and taking emphasis off of the name of the company itself. And the design to the left  is ambiguous and difficult to decipher"  But I'll just say actually "It looks weird!"


An ad for a Spanish Language Baby clinic... yeesh.


Can you tell what their company is? me neither.


Way too much going on. too many colors, too much background, I can't read the description of the business, too much description of business, I can't read the name, I don't know what the picture is of... 


you know Paul, I know it's cheaper to pay your 5 year old in PBJ's to design your logo, but is it really worth it?

How many different sizes , cases and planes of fonts could they have here? 

It looks like a great flower shoppe company... till you read what it is actually for... 

just know that they are all real, and none of them are intentional... which is terrifying.

A real life Swedish medical company.


    Look Close... is it two people, or just one?


And these next ones I actually thought were kind of cool. I know more experienced designers of you out there will think me foolish, but I still think they are kind of neat.


"Catch Me"


Enjoy the pictures. I yoinked 'em from the sites listed above, who, I'm sure, yoinked them from other sites.

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